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“I had an amazing experience with Healthy People.”
“I would recommend Healthy People to anyone who is looking for an audit firm that goes above and beyond.”
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“As usual, the level of service is top notch. The benchmarking tools are user-friendly and easy to read and understand. The responsiveness and HEDIS expertise is most appreciated. The willingness to work with us off-season helped to ensure we were adequately prepared.”
“Our auditor is extremely knowledgeable, organized and very prompt in responding to any questions we had. The HEDIS audit went smoothly largely because of her.”
“The Healthy People Team is always extremely helpful and professional.”
”The Healthy People Team is very professional and have great insight into NCQA."
“I really appreciate the flexibility of Healthy People. We (and many other health plans) were all trying to meet the same deadline, but with the attentiveness of the auditor I wouldn’t have even known she was dealing with other Health Plans. She always got back to us in a timely manner which was very much appreciated.”
“We had a great audit experience with Healthy People and we would definitely recommend Healthy People as an audit firm! This was our first year that we were required to submit HEDIS, and thanks to Healthy People we did it! I can’t imagine any room for improvement!”
"The auditor offers tremendous support to the Plan, is always accessible and has consistently provided useful industry information and best practices.”
“You made the entire eight months a painless, (almost) stress free process.”
“I am always able to get assistance with HEDIS questions and always in a very timely manner. We were made aware of upcoming changes that NCQA is making to the HEDIS process and were able to get help in understanding what those changes could mean to our processes.”
“Our auditor has been very helpful. She goes above and beyond to support us to ensure that we are successful in the HEDIS audit. I would not change any of the process.”
“We couldn’t have done this HEDIS season without all your help!”
“Exceptional customer service.”
“Exceedingly responsive to plan questions and needs throughout the HEDIS process.”
“You are always available in a timely manner with answers and guidance and it is greatly appreciated! The entire audit process is seamless, from planning to the onsite audit to code review and medical record audits.”
“I absolutely love your secure FTP site. It is extremely easy to use. Your response time to questions/issues is outstanding.”
“We had a very good audit experience with Healthy People.”
“The audit process and results were explained really well, and any questions I had were answered promptly.”
“Our Healthy People auditor is very knowledgeable and offered valuable guidance and insight to keep us working pro-actively during the entire HEDIS season. We are very grateful for the expertise and professionalism from our Healthy People auditor.”
“Keep up the good work!”
“A very enthusiastic thumbs up.”
“Healthy People always provides invaluable guidance throughout the HEDIS season. I appreciate that responses are always timely. The entire audit process is very smooth. The portal documentation is a valuable resource. It is a comfort to know that I have a top notch auditor and audit firm to work with during the hectic HEDIS season.”
“I appreciate the tremendous support Healthy People provided throughout our audit; we had team members who were new to QM and to HEDIS and the time Healthy People took to educate us and explain HEDIS rules and requirements is really appreciated. The ability to click on a deliverable and read more about it and how it feeds into the ‘bigger picture’ helped me and new team members.”
“The Healthy People site is well-organized and provides a wealth of information. I referred to it a lot to educate myself and new team members on the HEDIS audit process.”
“Our auditor has gone the extra mile to get to know the leadership and dynamics of our health plan. She understands our plan’s culture and provides good advice that positively impacts our HEDIS project.”
“We really view you as our partner in helping navigate the HEDIS process – from helping us read the tea leaves for upcoming changes from NCQA, to troubleshooting our measure clarifications, you are always such a responsive and fantastic partner. We really feel lucky to have you.”
“I really think that we really have our arms wrapped around this HEDIS work, and it’s largely due to you providing proactive guidance to help us navigate this very complex project every year.”
“Healthy People went above and beyond helping us close out our HEDIS project in a timely manner.”
“Healthy People is always available to assist with issues that arise and provides clarification on anything needed.”
“Our auditor is incredibly experienced, knowledgeable and responds quickly.”