"The staff involved in the audit, along with myself, are thankful that we hired Healthy People as our Data Validation Auditors."
"Healthy People went above and beyond in their support of our data validation audit. They were responsive to our questions, available at all hours of the day, flexible in document collection methods and provided feedback about submitted reporting very quickly. They also helped us determine the correct interpretation of CMS guidance when needed and were instrumental in our 100% score."
"Healthy People was very effective in going over the requirements of the CMS Data Validation Audit. There were a lot of elements in the audit which were confusing, but they explained in a manner which was easy to understand and comprehend."
"The fact that you are still there for us year round if we need anything is a huge benefit. When I went into my TAV Audit you were the first people I thought of for guidance and you definitely helped me."
"Healthy People was great to work with in all aspects of the Data Validation Audit. They were always very quick to respond and very knowledgeable. We also found them to be flexible and easy to work with especially during their onsite visit."
"Working with Healthy People has been a positive experience for our company. The Healthy People Team is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. Communication was always efficient and well-organized and whenever we had questions, Healthy People was more than happy to help. We are glad to be working with Healthy People again for the 2012 audit year and feel confident that our continuing relationship will be a successful one."
"We truly appreciate everything Health People has done for us."
"I really appreciate the dashboard reports… this really helps me stay organized. The website is really useful and I’ve been happy with the resources provided."
"Healthy People are always working. I can call at 7AM or 7 PM and I will always get a happy cheerful person to answer my questions."
"I personally had a wonderful experience with Healthy People and our company as a whole feels the same."
"You have been wonderful to work with and we have very much appreciated your help."
"We were pleased with the excellent communication and expertise that your company had to offer."
"Healthy People was very patient with me and supportive. When I started falling behind they would set goal dates that kept me on track."
"Healthy People is a great support team to work with."